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The overwhelming majority of our customers who have transitioned to VoIP technology do so to save money, to receive better service and to get better features that offer real business benefit. If you are not using VoIP for your business then you are probably paying too much for your telephone service.

Call Forwarding

Get your business calls set up today, it is easy as that

Virtual Numbers

A virtual phone number provides businesses with a local presence and eliminates long-distance toll charges for anyone calling within that number’s area code.

Vanity Numbers

Choose Your Own Number. Search by NPA-NXX. All Rate Centers are available.

Multi Level Auto Attendant

Customizable automated answering service that record personal greeting, answer incoming calls and transfer them.

Number Portability

Keep your current phone number by transferring it to or port it out at anytime.

Fraud Protection

Your Number is Pin Protected

No annual contracts. Cancel at any time.

Cheapest prices in the industry

24/7 email support

Save 70% compared to traditional phone bills

Set up in minutes

Choose a custom vanity number

No Communication Limits

We dimension and engineer SIP to be transported cost effectively on the client data network, all designed with security in mind.

Explore! You will love it

VoIP.US makes it easy to connect to the world in minutes. The highest quality hardware, most sophisticated networking technologies and protocols.

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The industry's standard

Unlimited Transfers

Unlimited Calls

$ 15.00 USD

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Personal Contact List

International Transfers

Unlimited Calls

$ 1.00 USD

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Buisiness Contact List

International Transfers

Unlimited Calls

$ 100.00 USD

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pick your business start PACK

Please select the package that more covers your business needs

Advanced services

Simply the Way You Talk, Chat and Share Information


Over 25 years of experience

Our market solid postion proudly proved by our customers and companies we bounded together for more that 25 years

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Convenient API enables VoIP service providers to easily use DIDs with white label solutions offered via cloud-based softswitch platform.

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Thousands of communication providers in North America and around the world rely on the quality, reliability and reach of Inteliquent's network to deliver hundreds of millions of phone calls and text messages every day.

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Internation awards
Our voice services include inbound voice and messaging enabled phone numbers, streamlined SIP interconnection for local and long distance traffic, unmatched toll free packages, MVNE, messaging hub, API platform and the industry leading Neutral Tandem service.